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Three Figures Game

Who are we ?

To be continued :
We can talk about what we see on TV!
Noemie, 5 years old
DEPJ3F, the association
Facilitators and trainers
Scientific committee

DEPJ3F, the association

The association "Developing empathy through the Game of Three Figures" (DEPJ3F) aims to develop empathy by disseminating and teaching the activity developed in 2007 by Dr Serge Tisseron, for all audiences and by any means it deems useful: training in face-to-face or remotely, website, publications, videos, conferences, MOOCs, etc.

Its headquarters are located in Paris, 11 rue Titon, 75011.

Facilitators and trainers

The facilitators of J3F are the voluntary teachers and principals, but also possibly the CPEs, school nurses, librarians... (see Training).

This training is validated by a diploma.

Facilitator trainers are: in the school context, all persons with the status of trainers and having followed the corresponding training (see Training); in the hospital setting, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who have undergone the corresponding training.

Trainers of trainers :


Psychiatre, docteur en psychologie, membre de l’Académie des technologies, fondateur du J3F


Enseignante spécialisée, docteure en sciences de l’éducation.


Clinical Psychologist, Doctor of Psychology

Marie-Noëlle CLEMENT

Psychiatre, directrice de l’hôpital de jour pour enfants André Boulloche (Association CEREP-PHYMENTIN, PARIS 10), membre fondateur de l’Association DEPJ3F


Clinical psychologist, doctor in psychopathology and psychoanalysis

Olivier DURIS

Psychologue clinicien, docteur en psychopathologie et psychanalyse / Référent handicap DEPJ3F

Clarisse ELOY

Clinical Psychologist


Psychologue clinicienne, et EDA (Education Développement et Apprentissage)


Psychologue Clinicienne et EDA (Education Développement Apprentissage)


Psychologue clinicienne, psychanalyste, thérapeute enfant et adolescent

Bernadette Laulagnet

Enseignante spécialisée, Inclusion Climat scolaire.

Delphine Ginelli

Conseillère pédagogique départementale, référente harcèlement


Psychologue clinicienne, doctorante en psychopathologie.

Scientific committee

Avant, tout le monde le craignait, depuis qu'il fait le J3F, c'est un vrai Saint-Bernard

Before, everyone feared him, since he did the J3F, he's a real Saint-Bernard


The scientific committee ensures that the actions undertaken comply with the statutes of the association. Its composition is currently as follows:

Eric Debarbieux, President of the European Observatory of Violence at School, Professor of Educational Sciences at the University of Paris Est Créteil.

Pierre Delion, child psychiatrist, emeritus professor of child psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine of Lille and former head of the child and juvenile psychiatry department at the University Hospital of Lille.

Philippe Gutton, psychiatrist, doctor of psychology, university professor, Founder of the Revue Adolescence.

Philippe Jeammet, child psychiatrist, university professor – hospital practitioner emeritus of psychiatry.

Françoise Maine, Coordinator of the education department at the General Secretariat for Catholic Education (SGEC).

Philippe Meirieu, Emeritus Professor of Educational Sciences at the University Lumière Lyon 2, researcher in pedagogy.

Luc Pham, academic director of the departmental services of National Education, DSDEN of Landes, former member of the ministerial delegation responsible for preventing and combating violence in schools.